Cloud: is an XML-based 'gadget' I created to include a custom 'tag cloud' on iGoogle (or wherever else, I've written a Facebook version, too) based on genre (or other) labels input by and identified with a ID:


The cloud is based on data counted and provided in XML format by the data interface, for instance: This information is parsed and interpreted with the object-oriented DOM XML interface included in the PHP core.

Its configuration preferences include the ID on whom the cloud is based, and two filters or limits: 1. a limit or ceiling (<=) in which one can choose not to include over n tags in the cloud, and 2. a filter or threshold (>=) in which one can indicate, for instance, not to include labels counted fewer than n times.

Cloud: is non-commercial and complies with the Creative Commons license as indicated.


If you would like to contact me with a comment or inquiry, please e-mail Noel Whelan.

Creative Commons License

© 2007, Noel Whelan